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✐ The Zombie Room  pdf ✑ Author R.D. Ronald – Epubdb.co chapter 1 The Zombie Room , meaning The Zombie Room , genre The Zombie Room , book cover The Zombie Room , flies The Zombie Room , The Zombie Room 58c962c015897 An Unlikely Bond Is Forged Between Three Men From Very Different Backgrounds When They Serve Time Together In Prison A Series Of Wrong Turns And Disastrous Life Choices Has Led To Their Incarceration Following Their Release, Mangle, Decker And Tazeem Stick Together As They Return To A Life Of Crime, Embarking On A Lucrative Scam But When They Stumble Upon A Sophisticated Sex Trafficking Operation, They Soon Realise That They Are In Mortal Danger The Disappearance Of A Family Member And The Murder Of A Dear Friend Lead The Three To Delve Deeper Into A World Of Violence And Deception In Their Quest For Retribution And Justice, They Put Their Lives On The Line Their Paths Cross With That Of Tatiana, Who Has Left Her Home Country For A Better Life In The West Or So She Thinks She Soon Realises She Is In The Hands Of Ruthless, Violent People, Who Run An Operation Supplying Girls To Meet The Most Deviant Desires Of Rich And Powerful Men Will She Survive The Horrors Of The Zombie Room Are Mangle, Decker And Tazeem Brave Enough To Follow Her There, In An Attempt To Set Her Free

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    Nope, this book isn t one of those annoying zombie dystopian novels despite its title Actually it s about three men in prison and the way they survive I found the language too crass and rude sometimes but otherwise The Zombie Room is an excellent novel with themes similar to books and films like The Shawshank Redemption and Prison of Secrets.

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    This book covers everything that could be asked for in a novel of its type, it has extensive and believable action, the characters have depth and believability with a true sense of reality running through every page, the plot is a mind blowing reality of the true human condition and how it is affected by extreme circumstances The emotions and character connections that are found in the book are far beyond anything I have ever read and I am yet to find a story that manages to be as complex in story line and character creation while at the same time being as easy to follow and be so addictive This is a MUST read for anyone who wants to delve their minds in to the worlds criminal underworld and feel the sharp edge of empathy towards characters that are bound to stay in memory for a very long time to come Verdict outstanding

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    This book has loads of great twists and turns, I seriously didn t put it down and finished it in 3 days

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    Loved this book I read The Elephant Tree , Ronald s first novel last year, and had to pick up The Zombie Room when it came out this year Ronald picks up the pace in this novel, with WAY action, characters, and even a cameo from a character in his first book I m excited that he linked the two novels, evolving the world in which they belong and also their stories.This novel deals with race, prison, violence, sex trafficking, illegal immigration and much It reads like an action movie, in fact, probably should become one

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    I really should of read the synopsis cause this book isn t about Zombies at all BUT it s a great read , fast paced , enough back story to get you by and few twists and turns along the way

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    The Zombie Room is fast paced and Ronald s style is engaging The characters are diverse and effort was obviously expended to make their actions consistent with their background as established in the early pages That said, the characters remain a somewhat cardboard though it is a high quality of cardboard The plot really breaks no new ground in the genre, but I knew that going on so I was not disappointed I did find the end somewhat unsatisfying If this is the first part of a multi part saga then there is time to fix that I would read a second part to see the story come to a fulfilling conclusion And I would like to see of these characters, especially Decker If you are not expecting a Bosch, Reacher or John Rain you will have a good time with this book But if pulp fiction is a turn off, you might want to look elsewhere.

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    The Zombie Room by R D Ronald Have read other works by the author and enjoyed them so happy to learn of this new one, description leaves me with many questionsWon t go into details of the story but my impressions found language a bit on the rough side but it goes with the story line.Wanted to hear from the prison side of things something I will never get to experience myself Find it fascinating, the bond and achievements you can make while on the inside.When the men get involved with helping others in the sex traffic ring they got their work cut out for them Details are just so specific and well thought out where you can picture it happening in your mind.Horrific scenes of torture I can t even imagine in my wildest thoughts they don t even appear to be considered human to me.Loved hearing about the technology used in this book from many different angles to think of what the devices could do good things in our society.Terrifying minutes that linger took me a long time to move on to the rest of the story Liked the ending but wanted from this tale.Ends with an excerpt from The Elephant Tree by the author which I loved Received this review copy from the author via the publisher and this is my honest opinion.

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    On a recent trip back to the UK, I was lucky enough to meet the author R D Ronald doing a book signing in Newcastle In all honesty I hadn t heard of Richard or his books, but he spoke with such conviction and passion about his work and why he writes, I bought both his titles, The Zombie Room and The Elephant Tree and I have to say I was not disappointed In fact I read The Zombie Room on the flight back to the US becasue I couldn t put it down The Zombie Room is an excellent, well written book that really encompassed the passion that the author expressed when we spoke I would urge you to read this book and if you get a chance, chat to the author on Facebook Brilliant and I am looking forward to his future work as I am now a definite fan

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    This book pulls out all the stops It s risky and that s what gives it its success At many parts, my heart raced for the sake of the characters There were some surprises and some bits that were bound to happen, but happen a little differently than expected.

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    I loved this book from the very beginning, the plot is very cleverly put together The twists and turns make it impossible to put down Also, the characters in the Zombie Room stay with you long after you finish the book, they are weirdly endearing criminals A must read if you are looking for a good thriller.