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Игра не ради игры quotes Игра не ради игры, litcharts Игра не ради игры, symbolism Игра не ради игры, summary shmoop Игра не ради игры, Игра не ради игры ac20c5e1 Step Into A Future, In Which Advanced Technology Creates A Virtual World, With Superior Capabilities That Allow Players To Experience Real World Sensations The Popularity Of The RPG Game Fayroll Is Growing By The Day, Attracting Millions Of Users To This Alternate Reality What Is The Secret Of Fayroll What Makes It So Different From Other Games Our Protagonist, Harriton Nikiforov Is An Everyman A Binge Drinking, Tabloid Column Reporter Who Has Settled For The Humdrum Of The Everyday, With A Job That Pays The Wages, A Neurotic Girlfriend Who Gives Him Migraines And A Boss That Gives Him Constant Grief Tasked With A New Assignment, Harriton Suddenly Finds Himself Ripped Away From His Normal Routine Of Moscow Society Life, To A Journalistic Quest Of Sorts That Leads Him Deep Into The Realm Of The Virtual Gaming World Of Fayroll Given Explicit Orders To Write A Series Of Fluff Pieces On The Game And Its Developers, Harriton Grudgingly Accepts The Assignment, But Soon Finds Himself Enthralled By The Virtual Fantasy World And Its Amazing Quests, Unpredictable Challenges, And Nearly Endless Possibilities Harriton Is Reincarnated As A Warrior Named Hagen And Becomes A Full Participant In The Fantasy World, Plunging Into The Exciting World Full Of Action, Quests, Humor, Legendary Weapons And Ancient Secrets He Meets Faithful And Courageous Comrades And Outwits Those Who Are Trying To Hunt Him In This World, The Thirst For Success And Vanity Of High Level Players In Pursuit Of Legendary Objects Spills Into The Real World, Where High Stakes Bets Are Made On The Success Of The Virtual Characters Harriton, As Hagen, Unwittingly Enters Into The Fayroll World, Where Events And Decisions That He Makes In The Virtual Space Starts To Affect His Own Reality His Unpredictable Character, Perseverance, And Excitement Attract The Attention Of Powerful Gamers And Influential Moscow Elite With A Vested Interest In Fayroll S Outcome It Is Not Long Before He Realizes That This Fantastic World, Created According To The Best Canons Of Cult Games, Warcraft And Lineage , Conceals Many Dangers Can He Pass All The Tests Fayroll Is Than A Novel It S A Brilliant Synergy Of Fantasy Fiction And Online Gaming It Gives The Reader The Best Of Both Worlds The First Novel Of The Part Epic Series Fayroll, Has Captivated Russian Readers Countrywide And Was Voted The New Fantasy Book Of The Year Andrey Vasilyev S Masterpiece More Than A Game Is Now Available To The English Speaking World Join Us In This Breathtaking Narrative That Takes Both Its Main Character And The Reader Deep Into The Heart Of The Virtual Gaming Universe And Explore The Fantasy Series That Has Captured The Imagination Of The Slavic World

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    This is my first LitRPG I liked it I like gaming, but I love reading so a story featuring characters in a game was a nice surprise.Our MC is a journalist tasked with writing a series of articles on the new sim game taking the world by storm He s given the technology and the time off to fully explore this game.I liked our MCs voice He was funny, sarcastic and self deprecating As he navigates the Fayroll world we are treated to many adventures and surprises I wasn t at all expecting the ending.This is a fun and interesting story Review ARC graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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    Is there really such a thing as good LitRpg A Russian journalist gets an assignment to enter an immersive game He does, and it s the usual sort of high fantasy type of thing with side quests, and dwarves and elves and such He randomly gets invited to a clan, and gets a quest that no other player has ever found.It s okay, I guess, if you re into that kind of thing.

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    This is an enjoyable lit rpg adventure but there isn t any to it, or not that we can see so far in this first section, which is a decent length I ve enjoyed another book much , Warlords of Llantatis by Dominic Green, but that had two differences a much evident sense of humour and an outside suspense tale enmeshed in the actions in the game world Perhaps because the Fayroll world is written by a Russian, we don t get much humour, or if we do it s guarded under irony and understatement, and we don t get much of a look at Moscow life, just the protagonist s office, flat, an art gallery and shopping Hagen the in game name for our minor hero Harriton Nikiforov who tells us Harry means ugly enforcer in Russian starts off as a new player who gets killed a lot in an online fantasy game and respawns without his goods, until he gets better informed The player is a junior journalist at the age of 36, divorced, given the job of checking out this immersive alternate reality game which comes with a sensory wraparound couch, so he can write up a few articles The game quest notifications come up in bold for us, as Hagen progresses, makes lucky friends and starts to find the game addictive, makes a few decisions unselfishly and gains quests And that is it Apart from making me homesick for Oblivion, the game didn t do a lot for me, because the character isn t ever in real danger Nobody is While other reviewers say the game has misogynistic or homophobic lines, there are only a few and I think Hagen is not responding to the NPCs, or being ironic in his response, or keeping his retort to himself Maybe the translation doesn t cross to everyone I didn t like that Hagen doesn t get a horse And his tank character is boring compared to a magic user We get one glimpse of the outside world being affected by the game activities, but that is all I need , to make me want to read .I downloaded an ARC from Net Galley This is an unbiased review.

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    More Then a Game by Andrey Vasilyev is the first book in Fayroll series It s the literary genre called LitRPG short for Literary Role Playing Game which is basically combination of online gaming and fantasy sci fi fiction It was my first opportunity to discover this genre not counting Ready Player One and a very pleasant one.The main character Harriton Nikiforov is a journalist who has got a story to write about new, amazingly popular Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll And it s not just a normal computer game He d got some high tech equipment which enables him to immerse completely to virtual reality of the game As you can expect, the job quickly becomes very pleasant experience.We accompany our hero through his journey from zero in Noobland how cool is that name D to not exactly a hero, but a decent level player for sure It s a novel full of humour and for all the gamers it would bring all the memories from online gaming back to live From the starting point, when you have literary nothing and have to kill all the rats to Player Killers who hunt poor low level souls I was laughing a lot reading this book.At some point I was thinking, that maybe I ll soon get board of it Go there, do the quest, take the loot and so on But the author has a real gift to make all the simple task very interesting There s always some story and mystery looming somewhere in the background that make you want to read and unravel surprises.When it comes to the main character, I m not sure if I like him or not He s full of contrasts He is very witty and sarcastic and it often gets him into troubles, but sometimes it s a little bit too much and too rude for my taste On the other hand, he always feels compelled to help those in need, weak and small for which he got extra points What I didn t like was all his remarks about women Yes, they supposed to be humorous and witty, but after ten times it become irritating It s showing all women as pretty, silly little things created just to please the man Fortunately, there is one female character Krolina who we get to know a little bit better and who is a real badass.I was also positively surprise by ending I was expecting just the finishing quest, but there was also a little surprise for the reader.I really enjoyed the book and I was kind of sad when it was over I would gladly read about Fayroll s world and adventures Thank you Barbara from Litworld for a copy of this book so I could get to know this new genre and the author If you had your share of online gaming I m sure you ll love this book But even if you never played, I think it s written in a way that you can enjoy it just as well.

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    I would never really think of reading a LitRPG but this book was a pleasant surprise The premise sounds like something not many people would normally enjoy as it is in effect reading about someone playing a game However, this story is highly enjoyable as a piece of adventure It is artistically crafted and I would recommend it to people to read.

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    LitRPG is a hard genre to do anything new or exciting in, so writing an ok book in this genre is technically amazing.But all in all it was just ok There was nothing that really drew me in or excited me, but I still read the entire book

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    This is a review of series than a single book, I have read up to book 8 This is probably the best Russian translated LITRPG series and I have read a lot of them The quests are great, characters real world and virtual are interesting, and the real world virtual world mesh is a slow drip of mystery My first real taste of the LITRPG genre like a lot of people is the Chaos Seed series and while I love that series also, this series is so Russian in its inflection and outlook on life that it almost defies comparison to the Chaos Seed series Not better or worse, but just different in a cool way Anyways with that said, the translation is done competently enough There are of course cultural references that English reader will not know, but often than not you can get the general idea by the context The last thing I would like to note is that action sequences in this series is not its strong suit It seems to be an afterthought most of the time b c the main character often uses his guile to dispatch or run away from his components This litrpg doesn t focus on character progression as many other litrpgs, it about the quests and the connections the main character makes in his real life and virtual one leading to interesting scenarios.

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    The Good, the Bad and the UglyTranslated from a Russian litrpg novel please met Hagen his avatar s name but that s who you ll be dealing with the most anyway He s a 36 year old journalist in Moscow that s been given an assignment sponsored by the game developers of Fayroll, he is to to go into full immersion for a month and write up a few nice articles about their game.Ofcourse since he is the hero of our tale he stumbles into one rare quest after another and gets drool worthy ultra rare items just like that.The Good The story has a relaxed pace as the main character is of a casual player then someone desperate to get this or that watch as this grates on your nerves if you are a gamer yourself The writing style is vivid and creates a beautiful world with a show don t tell approach In the kindle edition there are footnotes regarding the Russian terms and slang so I appreciated that.The Bad The main character, you learn about the world and people around him but never about Hegan himself His girlfriend is feisty so he does this, his dad is reserved and so he does this.etc but in 300 pages not once does the protagonist do something because it s his nature, he simply has none and yet everyone rushes to him like moth to a flame This is a very localized book, from Russian slang to street names they are liberally littered throughout the book, though most come with footnotes it takes away from the story for those unfamiliar with them The Ugly The translation needed a some revisions and proof reading, a ton of mistakes in the book, If is used when the author means It , A and The missed here and there and so on The book doesn t end so much as stops suddenly The game s logic is twisted and lacks constancy, first of all due to fear of money laundering there is a 5000 spending cap per account, fair enough but a game that holds little financial and RL implications will not rattle people in RL over a trolling message in some forum I think the author has never seen a do not feed the trolls post over those before as he treats them like an earth shattering event People say that killing non hostile NPCs is punishable yet the admins do nothing UNLESS there is video evidence you know there was an programming code for that since the early 90 s you don t NEED evidence Overall this is slow starter but enjoyable light read with some issues if you like Litrpgs and curling up to a bubblegum book then check it out 3.5 stars

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    The protagonist is a journalist given the job to write a few articles on a popular game The game, in classical litrpg fashion, has horrible game design and is for some reason filled up with assholes and psychos Unlike the typical litrpg the only thing keeping him there is him needing to write articles and therefore we get to see his normal life with his abusive girlfriend too There s not much of a story, he just kinda bumbles along without any goal doing a few quests and such.There s not really much plot to speak of, the main character acts inconstantly and the world building is crap and the side characters aren t very good either Not a good book unless you like flat out boring litrpgs.

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    Garbage The MC is super homophobic and the writer clearly thinks of women as lesser beings I mean this is common with russian writers in this genre. but this book really pushes it to the point of mentioning it on a regular basis also there is no story its just a series of events with no plot and no impact I have read the vast majority of books in this genre and can overlook a lot of negative points but this is one of the worst I have read so far.

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