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  • Kindle Edition
  • 448 pages
  • The Road East (Fayroll #2)
  • Andrey Vasilyev
  • English
  • 14 July 2019

10 thoughts on “The Road East (Fayroll #2)

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    Love the Book I am loving the series, to my surprise as I m being drawn into the story and I have seen the titles in my recommended list a few times and finely took it for a ride and I m glad I did Keep up the good work

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    Good bookOver all it is a good book One of the reasons I like reading the Russian novels is they give a bit of insight into Russian life.

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    This one i liked less than the one before, i wont be reading the series any, the game elements were the same, i honestly got bored about midway into the book, then i did not like how random and kind of forced the mC s relationships happened and here i am dropping this.

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    I m starting to get an interesting picture of the Russian power fantasy Western stories tend to start off an underdog character who, either start out strong against an even powerful system enemy or becomes strong In the end they succeed primarily through personal effort and with help of the friends they ve made along the way Winning tends to either cause a seismic change in the system if it s bad, or a strengthened improved system if was good.Russian stories also start off with an underdog character, but they all seem to stay relatively week compared to their allies and succeed through what kind of connections they ve managed to make and favors they have to call in It should be noted, these are almost never friends they are people indebted to them, people who need them, people using them being used by them for their goals, or strategic allies A lot of these Russian books, this one included, will have the main character sit off to the side while stronger characters do all the hard work for them They tend to succeed through cheating the system, or the corruption of their opponent being discovered by a higher authority, or gaining an ally strong enough to win No matter what they do, however, the over arching system is never effected It s kind of sad, stagnant and cynical for a power fantasy.Anyways, Harry Hagen is back in the game, promoted to his own section of the paper, and given underlings to help him with writing The owners of the game now directly control the paper now too so he s basically working for them This gives him undue in game power that he has no problem wielding like it s only his due The rest of it is pretty standard LitRPG stuff again, leveling, fighting a raid boss, clan battles, ext At least he s doing a little with the journalist stuff in this one.

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    This book was pretty enjoyable I should mention though that the main character likes to stereotype women and occasionally makes homophobic comments Perhaps this is common in Russia, which is where the character is from, but it may upset some readers It wasn t super bad though He mostly just made comments that he really didn t want to be mistaken for gay, and he will occassionally make comments about how he thinks women are, usually when he is interacting with women Although I disagree with the character s views, I still found the book enjoyable and an interesting look into what may be a common Russian male mindset nowadays I would recommend this book if you want to find another LitRPG book to read, especially if you want something that is somewhat different from an American LitRPG or are into Russian LitRPGs.

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    The story doesn t feel as rushed as the first book, however the scenes do at times, if that makes sense I think the landscape, emotions, and internal thoughts of characters could be explained , which may slow things down a bit I enjoyed this book than the first not that the first was bad in any way Even though it feels rushed at times the story is progressing and I love the direction I appreciare the humor of the MC, especially when referring to women in general Stereotypical yes, but still funny gimme a break don t take this personally seriously I revel in the slight humor that authors can fit into books great example is Chaos Seeds series by Aleron Kong While the humor isnt overwhelming or in abundance, it was well placed.

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    And I give up So my review for the first one said he was a little bit sexist and homophobic Well for book two, our main character slams on the gas and heads straight for misogyny Then in the preview for book three he becomes a wannabe gangster I officially dislike the main character now and hope that bad things happen to him So I m going to stop reading now I was liking the VR game world, even if it wasn t very well defined and kind of random It was interesting But I have no desire to see this main character succeed in it any longer.

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    Gamelit, litrpg I am all over those areas Genres and this is an outstanding example Written by a Russian, and I have a fondness for the Russian attitude that leaks out through the pages of the books The Grammar and syntax, maybe the rythym of the book reminds me of my Russian friends from work and places I ve lived Alpharetta, Georgia mainly But the book is engrossing, the series didn t lose steam, and I enjoyed it immensely.

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    Excellent quality work here I haven t seen a russian LitRPG book with this level of editing, until now, my thanks goes out to the editor and publisher on this one, it made the book a pleasure to read I will definitely be reading of this series The world is rich, the characters are well rounded and our main character is just full of surprises, and there several amusing parts as well, what s not to like

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    Stroll in the park and free gifts for the mcFun and light read when no other options are available Continues where the last book in the series left off Lots of foreshadowing that the series will take a turn to the grittier side with lots of angst and hard choices Looking forward to reading his future novels.

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The Road East (Fayroll #2) characters The Road East (Fayroll #2) , audiobook The Road East (Fayroll #2) , files book The Road East (Fayroll #2) , today The Road East (Fayroll #2) , The Road East (Fayroll #2) ae5ea The Much Anticipated Second Novel In The Bestselling Fayroll Series Get Ready For Epic Battles, Legendary Artifacts, And Incredible Quests As Harriton S Fayroll Articles Spark Interest And His Real World Career Seems To Pick Up, He Remains A Low Level Noob In The Challenging Virtual World Of Fayroll Although He Is An Incredibly Lucky Noob Without Breaking A Sweat, Harry Aka Hagen The Warrior Stumbles Across One Of The Most Coveted Hidden Quests He Is To Save The Four Dryad Sisters Starting With Ogina In The East As He Haphazardly Sets Out On The Long Road East He Manages To Come Out Unscathed Of Many Perils Happily Swimming Between Two Worlds Making New Friends When Necessary And Facing Foes Along The Way It Is At This Stage, When Harry Is Forced To Pursue A Real Life Mission Within The World Of The Game, That The Thin Line Between The Two Worlds Appears To Be Much Thinner It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before He Is Bound To Start Asking Himself The Hard Questions Like What If His Admirable Luck Runs Out Or, Importantly Is He Playing His Own Game Or Just Being Manipulated Right Off The Hop After Andrey Vasiliev S More Than A Game Became An Instant Success With Readers In Russia And Worldwide Alike, The Author Could Not But Continue Developing The Fayroll Theme By Many Readers Admission, The Road East, Vasiliev S Second LitRPG Fantasy Novel, Is Every Bit As Gripping As His First, If Not So Yet Again, Harriton Is Out To Strike A Balance Between The Real World And That Of Sword And Sorcery, Where Kif The Journo Turns Into None Other Than Hagen The Warrior Always Prepared To Win A Fight Or Have The Circumstances Do It For Him This Time, Hagen S Gaming Path Is Leading Eastward, Unfolding The Complexity Of The Orient Before Him He S Going To Find The Abandoned Temple, Visit The Cursed Village, Fight The Serpent King Of The Nagas And Deal With Epic Monsters, All Of Which Is Accompanied By Clashes Of Blades On Shields And Clashes Between Clans Action And Adventure Seem To Be Hiding Around Every Corner, Just Waiting To Be Awakened The Road East Not Only Expands Greatly On The Virtual Reality Of Fayroll But Also Develops The Real World Of The Story To A Much Fuller Extent Than The First Novel Does It S Not Just About A New Assignment Or New Employers Or A New Girlfriend The Depiction Of The Offline Reality Of The Second Novel Is Now On A Par With That Of The Gaming World A Rare Find For A LitRPG Book Vasiliev Is Certainly Growing As A Writer His Characters Are Becoming And Round, Dynamic And Versatile And Even Psychologically Convincing The Author Also Manages To Maintain His Attention To Detail And Sharpness Of Focus With A Nearly Cinematic Clarity The Road East Is A Concentration Of Dialogue And Action, Coupled With A Characteristic Sense Of Humor Comprised Of Self Irony And Mild Mockery, Never Going Too Far But Adding Color And Flavor To The Story The Book Is A Fine Example Of The LitRPG Genre And, As Is The Case With More Than A Game, Is A Life Affirming Experience, Well Worth Reading By Gamers And Fantasy Lovers Alike Andrey Vasiliev Started Writing In His Late Thirties, Because, By His Own Admission, He Ran Out Of Things To Read However, After His First Two Books Gained Nearly Instant Critical Acclaim, He Had To Give Serious Thought To Giving Up His Banking Career And Went On To Become One Of The Top Authors In The Relatively New, Yet Insanely Popular, LitRPG Genre That Brings Together Cyberpunk, Classic Sci Fi, And Fantasy

About the Author: Andrey Vasilyev

At times, I feel I was meant to be an innkeeper someplace on the outskirts of Bree in J R R Tolkien s Middle earth However, in real life, I am a much celebrated Moscow based author, as well as one of the originators of the relatively new, yet insanely popular, LitRPG genre that blends cyberpunk, classic sci fi, and fantasy.I started writing in my late 30 s and only because there was nothing