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The Beast of Beswick pdf The Beast of Beswick , ebook The Beast of Beswick , epub The Beast of Beswick , doc The Beast of Beswick , e-pub The Beast of Beswick , The Beast of Beswick 13a4c9933bb The Duchess Deal By Tessa Dare Meets Taming Of The Shrew In The Start To A New Regency Series From Award Winning Author Amalie HowardLord Nathaniel Harte, The Disagreeable Duke Of Beswick, Spends His Days Smashing Porcelain, Antagonizing His Servants, And Snarling At Anyone Who Gets Too Close With A Ruined Face Like His, It S Hard To Like Much About The World Especially Smart Mouthed Harpies With Lips Better Suited To Kissing Than Speaking Who Brave His Castle With Indecent ProposalsBut Lady Astrid Everleigh Will Stop At Nothing To See Her Younger Sister Safe From A Notorious Scoundrel, Even If It Means Offering Herself Up On A Silver Platter To The Forbidding Beast Of Beswick Himself And By Offer, She Means What No Highborn Lady Of Sound And Sensible Mind Would Ever Dream Of A Tender Of Marriage With Her As His Bride

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    Sooooo good Review to come

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    Full RTC

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    3.5 stars

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    This was a lot of fun It tread very close to the edge of my personal tolerance for the we can t be together because you deserve better device, but I adore Astrid, Thane was spectacular, and Aunt Mabel is my favorite aunt.

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    I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Pretty cute, a little clich but a decent read Pretty steamy in parts

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    I received an ARC of this book.I really tried to like this book, but there was just too much going on with it to be a coherent, organic story The hero, Thane, has been severely injured in the war with Napoleon, and carries both physical and emotional scars that keep him from moving about in society The heroine decides that to save her and her sister from a nefarious suitor who happened to ruin her many years ago she must propose marriage to The Beast of Beswick He refuses, so she tells him that she is also very conveniently an expert on Ming vases and can catalogue his extensive collection He refuses this as well Then several days later our heroine, Astrid, decides she and her sister are in grave danger and they flee to the Beast s home, where she begins to appraise his vase collection without permission When her host does discover her at his home, he is furious And while Astrid is dependent on his mercy, she constantly insults her employer by picking fights, taking offense at his opinions, and just being disagreeable I felt very sorry for Thane and was not a fan at all of Astrid.The author seemed to feel like every single convention of an independent female needed to be very evident in Astrid I assume that s why she was continuously challenging and arguing with Thane , and she rode horses astride in breeches, swam like a fish, trained unmanageable horses, not to mention was an expert on ancient Chinese artifacts, a champion of Wollstonecraft, and even an author I think the story would have flowed MUCH better if the author had picked one or two of these character traits and focused on them, instead of making her some kind of impossible Renaissance woman It was distracting and annoying.There were also numerous plot points that were inconsistent, impossible, or anachronistic Due to the fact that I read an ARC I will put all of those down to being an uncorrected proof and hope those things will be fixed in the published copy As it was, the number of instances when these occurred really pulled me out of the story.As I said, I wanted to like this book, but several chapters in, too many things just started to bother me The main idea of the story was great But it got bogged down with way too many unnecessary details

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    I received an ARC from Edelweiss in trade for an honest and fair review.This is the first book that I ve read by Amalie Howard and I instantly fell in love The story line isn t original at all A scarred and reclusive hero finds love with a beautiful heroine when she comes into his life What made this book different for me however was that Astrid was a headstrong, unafraid heroine who didn t need to be soft spoken and docile to tame her beast Astrid was akin to a hurricane coming into Thane s life and knocked down every wall he tried to shore up against her without having to compromise an ounce of herself.Astrid was such a breath of fresh air for both myself and Thane Wary of others after a lie cast her out of society, she is a dedicated older sister and to protect her proposes to Thane Reading how their instant dislike threaded with intense attraction grows to love was very enjoyable Thane was written so realistically that it s hard not to fall in love with him yourself His aversion and mistrust of people, his personal relationships and even his extremely annoying habit of view spoiler whenever he finds himself getting too attached to Astrid he does something in an attempt to push her away only to find himself unable to shake her Repeatedly It happens at least 3 4 times throughout the book hide spoiler

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    I received an e ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Review can be found on Milky Way of Books I know a slight retelling of Beauty and the Beast when I see one This book was also the first one I read from this author as she has written enough Regency inspired stories as well And I did love it Beast of Beswick is the story of Thane and Astrid, two people scorn by the proper society for different reasons who come together as plots are made and emotions run hot between them Astrid is a well read, educated, woman who goes against the norm of society and loves her sister Isobel very much.When a loveless marriage threatens to destroy her sister, Astrid will take matters to her handsand propose to the most terrifying man of all.Now Thane, on the other hand, was too stubborn for me, but his interactions and dialogue with Astrid made me laugh and congratulate Astrid for making the man understand that not all is lost and life can go on, despite everything He is filthy rich of course, as a Duke, and I enjoyed even the small comforts he had made for his enjoyment that bathing pool is to die for I wasn t bored and I read this in one day Needless to say, I plan to read the rest historical novels by Amalie Howard too

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    I received a digital ARC from Edelweiss of this title for an honest review.Lady Astrid is firmly on the shelf After a scandal of a broken engagement during her first season, she has been firmly put on the shelf But now her sister is ready to debut, but when her old for appears to marry the sister and their guardians want to expedite the process, Astrid knows she has to do anything to keep her sister safe Enter the Beast of Beswick Lord Nathantial Harte is a Duke But before he became the Duke, he was a second son in military service He led a distinguished career there, but ended up with terrible burns on most of his body He rarely goes out in public because of the looks of disgust and terror he receives But he happens to live near Astrid and he is who she flees to to save her sister This book is being described as Tessa Dare s The Duchess Deal meets The Taming of the Shrew and I can t think of a better description Thane is moody and tortured and Astrid is saucy and beautiful Throw in a dastardly villain and you ve got the recipe for a fun historical romance The angst was a little high for me here There s only so much you re too good for me that I can take I could empathize for a while, but in the end, it would up being just too much I absolutely loved the aunt And I appreciated the sister s plans.

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    I agree, The Duchess Deal meets Taming of the Shrew is the perfect description of The Beast of Beswick Lady Astrid Everleigh proposes a desperate bargain with Lord Nathaniel Harte in order to save her younger sister from the same man who ruined her years ago The Duke of Beswick is horribly scared over most of his face and body and wants nothing to do with anyone least of all Astrid The Beast of Beswick s personality change and acceptance of Astrid s esteem is not without conflict and confusion, but that is to be expected over the course of true love These two give as good as they get and develop a relationship of equals.Lots of heat and great dialogue.My favorite trope is Beauty and the Beast and this can be added to my list of my favorites Last Night With the Earl by Kelly BowenThe Duchess Deal by Tessa DareA Brazen Bargain by Laura TrenthamSomeone to Wed by Mary Balogh in this one the woman is the disfigured one Unmask Me If You Can by Shana Galen

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