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    Fun and easy read with great charactersCade is one of those people that are always fun to be around He is someone that can turn the most innocuous sentences into a joke or sexual innuendo, and he does it in such a deadpan way that you don t know he s kidding until you process what he said, and it will turn out to be something hilarious.Cade dated Iris in high school until his irresponsibility and thoughtlessness got to be too much for her He unintentionally did something stupid that she paid the price for and she cut him out of her life after that Iris and her two friends that had similar experiences with Cade two brothers , then made a pact never to date a King brother again It was fairly easy to keep the pact since all three brothers moved away After high school Though Cade and his brothers Rich and Nick, founded a highly successful business and retuned seven years later as billionaires To build their new company headquarters in town Iris s friend Kira has since then, already broken her part of the pact and is now married to Rich Iris had changed a lot in the seven years the King brothers were away She has become a respectable police officer, but Cade has had no reason to really grow up much She resents him still for what happened in high school and the fact that he hasn t changed much is good reason to stay away.Though Cade really has had no reason to mature and be responsible He is a hard working adult at work, of course But in his home life he is rich enough to have maids that clean up after him, cooks to prepare dinner for him and he doesn t have to take care of anyone, even himself Iris only sees the fact that he doesn t have to do things like learn to cook, do laundry and clean up after himself.Things change though when he gets a call from an ex girlfriend and he is forced to grow up and change He asks Iris for help and they grow closer The romance is a bit of a slow burn and when they finally do get together it is hot However, there is not enough intimacy for this book to be rated than 3 out of 5 flames in the heat department The relationships between all the characters are great though The supporting characters are humorous and real and they add to the story, the descriptions of how certain characters act in different situations is heartwarming and fun I thought the book was very good Though it wasn t quite as funny as some of Penelope Blooms other books Even so, it was witty and I plan to read the next book in the series, Nick and Melanie s story I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub

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    Here is a RiddleTake a Smart, FunnyBut Dedicated Police OfficerAnd have Her Constantly Cross PathsWith the One Man, She VowedNever, Ever to Fall for AgainEven if He Came BackMore TemptingMore Manly Man thanHe had a Right to Be Well, This Police OfficerHas More Tricks Up Her SleeveOnly Trouble is Mr No Self ControlSeems to Like the HandCuffsAnd Bossing a Little Too Much Now the Tables are TurnedAnd Mr Manly Man Needs Her HelpBut She Promised Herself and OthersShe Would Be There for Anyone But Cade Anyone But 2 November 12th 2019 Anyone But Rich Anyone But 1 Anyone But Cade Anyone But 2 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    Anyone but Cade Book two in the Anyone series by Penelope Bloom is finally here and it was a great book, with great characters and a great storyline with a few twists and turns Seven years ago Cade and Iris were dating in High School but due to Cade s actions, they break up Iris, along with Miranda and Kira meet to make a pact that they vow to keep Now, seven years later, the Kings are back in their small home town and Iris has done everything possible to avoid Cade Cade however gets some news that sends him into a tailspin and indirectly gets Iris involved Cade certainly grew on me with his comebacks and I have to admit there were a few times I was cackling away with his antics Loved the ending and super excited to see what happens for Nik next Penelope Bloom is one of my favourite authors and her stories should not be missed I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of Anyone but Cade via Netgalley, and want to thank Montlake and Penelope for the chance to review for this series and voluntarily leave my honest review

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    I was so excited to get this book I had fell in love with the King brothers from the very first book Anyone but Rich and I liked Cade in that one, I liked Iris too so I was anxious for this book I did enjoy it, however since I had cracked up at Cade s antics in the previous books, I was expecting from him in this one Please do not misunderstand and think I didn t like it, I totally did but again I was expecting ..I liked Iris but in the first book, she wasn t as funny in this one and at times she just annoyed me I don t think I like Miranda she is just too closed minded and too stuck up, I am hoping she can redeem herself in time for her and Nick s story..Anywhoo loved Bear, cute adorable funny kid Wish I had Rich and Kira her I loved..Enjoy rcvd an ARc at no cost to author. netgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions

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    Is it weird that I just want to curl up in a ball, roll downhill at full speed, and then take out his legs After reading Anyone But Rich I was really looking forward to reading Cade and Iris s story due to their witty banter and I wasn t disappointed The pair had me chuckling at their comments but it was mainly Cade that had the banter this time I wish we d had a bit of Iris s sharp wit that we saw in the first book.Loved the story line it kept me engaged and didn t want to stop reading My only niggle was the same as the first book I would have liked a bit resistance from Iris due to how much she was against the King brothers return.Looking forward to Nicks story as I m not liking Miranda in this one In the first book she was the one who was a bit forgiving about the King brothers but in this one she s so negative Maybe it s because she s worried the girls are gonna leave her behind for their happy endings Guess we will find out soon

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    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of ANYONE BUT CADE OMG I just love Penelope Blooms writing she is brilliant with her story telling pulls you right into the book and doesn t let go.Cade and Iris were an item in highschool 7yrs ago he just about destroyed her future they broke up and he the rest of King brothers left town and now 7yrs later there back gorgeous as ever and Billionaires their company Sion s headquarters is now in West Valley North.Iris, Kira and Miranda made a pact 7yrs ago to never date a King Brother ever again but Rich apologized to Kira and their now married.Iris is a cop and Cade gets some bad news and gets drunk and ends up in a cell at there police station after that night everything changes for both of them he still loves her and is doing everything he can to get her back.Cade finds out he has a 5yr old son Bear he knew nothing about he saves him from going into foster care his mother Monica was in jail on drug charges but he knows nothing about caring for a kid so he gets Iris s help.This is a laugh out a minute romance Cade is absolutely hilarious his antics and child like manner has you just shaking your head but Iris is the level headed one to bring him around and Bear is just as delightful but dealing with being abandoned so much during his 5yrs with his mom Monica he needs some therapy.I definitely recommend to get this book you will absolutely not be able to put this down until finished reading I can t wait for ANYONE BUT NICK the next book in this series PHENOMINAL READ

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    Oh my gosh, I swear Penelope Bloom is one of the best writers of romantic comedy out there and if I m honest I m of a gritty MC girl, but her bookscan t put them down I ve been waiting for Cade and Iris book since we met them in Rich s book, just knew they d be fabulous and I was oh so correct Cade and Iris had a relationship in high school that went south becausewell basically because Cade is an idiot Oh don t get me wrong, he s sweet and funny and caring, but he s an idiot who does and says whatever pops in his head, whether it s smart or not and usually it s not He and Iris are perfect for each other, she s almost, but not quite, as goofy as he is Fortunately for their relationship she is mature enough to be the grown up and voice of reason most of the time This book has laugh out loud humor, crazy friends and relatives, a precious 5 year old named Bear and a horrible set of parents that I am rooting to be kicked to the curb in the next bookif they re not I may just have to imagine they are for my own sanity Oh and we also had a cameo from Grammy If you don t know her you need to read The Objects of Attraction Seriesso hilarious and so worth the timethat old woman is a trip Thanks for the fabulous read Ms Bloom, can t wait for Nick s book

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    This series which each can be read as a stand alone features the billionaire King brothers This book is all about Cade The fun, carefree, jokester brother Trying to win back his high school sweetie isn t going to be that easy, even if he knows she s just as attracted to him now as she was back then Iris may be physically attracted to Cade, but after he destroyed her life by his recklessness, she doesn t trust him any further than she can throw him, at least when it comes to her heart and her livelihood Where he is always turning things into a joke, never taking things seriously, she is too serious and intense at times and very committed to doing her best at all things, most importantly her job There are lots of laughs, and smirks mostly because of Cade s immature way of thinking about things While the main focus of the book is their relationship, there are a couple side stories that play a major part in their lives. including some shocking surprises It s a well written fun story Even the emotional scenes were lightened by Cade s hilarity D There is minimal sexual content, though it is mentioned often, including some innuendos I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley.

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    Iris and Cade were high school sweethearts until Cade made a huge mistake and cost Iris the future she thought she wanted After the incident, Iris made a pact with her two best friends to forget about the King brothers, no matter how rich or famous they became Now it s seven years later and Cade s back, unfortunately for Iris he s even handsome and charming than he was when he left, he also still has the same attention span as a gnat When Cade needs her help she finds herself second guessing the pact she made and Cade s ability to change.This was another great, funny, easy, no angst story from Penelope Bloom From the first chapter I was cracking up, Cade is absolutely hilarious from his interaction with his cellmate to the contents of his briefcase, I laughed through the entire book, I loved to see how Cade was able to help Iris loosen up a bit and enjoy There was a moment of depth when Cade was talking about Bear loving him for things like cereal and swimming and not his money that made my heart hurt for him a little There s even a couple of unexpected twists If you re looking for a light, sweet, low drama read, this is the perfect book.

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    Kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Actual Ratings 4.85 hilarious stars God I swear I hadn t laughed at a book as much as i did with this since Neanderthal Meets Human and believe me that is my favorite From the moment Iris wanted to roll over to Cade and kick his feet under him I was laughing Every single moment in the book was laugh out loud worthy At some points I couldn t stop laughing for few minutes and kept remembering the moment over and over again The moment Cade got my respect When he punched a jukebox for Maroon 5 ruining Super Bowl Don t we all agree with that XDI really wished we had cute moments with Bear too but I have a feeling the little dude is going to come out super spoiled at the rate they are going but still they make a cute family If you re looking for a drama free and hilarious novel, this is the perfect book for you I am dying to see how it s gonna be between Miranda and Nick because Miranda seems to hold the biggest hatred between the girls actually.

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Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2) summary pdf Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2) , summary chapter 2 Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2) , sparknotes Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2) , Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2) d9734c7 The Second Novel In USA Today Bestselling Author Penelope Bloom S Anyone But Series Turns Up The Heat And Hilarity With A Story About Second Chances And Promises Worth Breaking After Cade King Cost Me Everything, I Vowed I D Never Fall For Him Again Even If He Became Rich And Megafamous Go Figure Now Cade Is Back With His Billion Dollar Company And His Ability To Radiate Attraction Like A Tempting Wi Fi Hotspot Not To Mention His Tendency To Have Worse Impulse Control Than A ChimpanzeeI D Be Lying If I Said I Didn T Enjoy It A Little When I Arrested Him For Disorderly Conduct Unfortunately, I Think Cade Liked It A Little Too So When He Asks For My Help, I Know Exactly What I Should Say But Something S Fried The Circuits In My Brain It Doesn T Help That I Can Practically Feel My Ovaries Humming To Life Just From Standing Within Fifty Yards Of Him The BastardStill, Cade Doesn T Know The First Thing About Commitment He Lives Completely In The Moment I D Need To Have A Recurring Case Of Amnesia To Believe He Could Change I Guess Only Time Will Tell Which One Of Us Is The Real Fool In The End

  • Kindle Edition
  • 232 pages
  • Anyone But Cade (Anyone But... #2)
  • Penelope Bloom
  • 10 March 2018

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