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[Read] ➯ 142 Ostriches  By April Davila – Epubdb.co chapter 1 142 Ostriches , meaning 142 Ostriches , genre 142 Ostriches , book cover 142 Ostriches , flies 142 Ostriches , 142 Ostriches 65f7d8c77e122 Set Against The Unexpected Splendor Of An Ostrich Ranch In The California Desert, April D Vila S Beautifully Written Debut Conjures An Absorbing And Compelling Heroine In A Story Of Courage, Family And Forgiveness When Tallulah Jones Was Thirteen, Her Grandmother Plucked Her From The Dank Oakland Apartment She Shared With Her Unreliable Mom And Brought Her To The Family Ostrich Ranch In The Mojave Desert After Eleven Years Caring For The Curious, Graceful Birds, Tallulah Accepts A Job In Montana And Prepares To Leave Home But When Grandma Helen Dies Under Strange Circumstances, Tallulah Inherits Everything Just Days Before The Birds Inexplicably Stop Laying EggsGuarding The Secret Of The Suddenly Barren Birds, Tallulah Endeavors To Force Through A Sale Of The Ranch, A Task That Is Complicated By The Arrival Of Her Extended Family Their Designs On The Property, And Deeply Rooted Dysfunction, Threaten Tallulah S Ambitions And Eventually Her Life With No Options Left, Tallulah Must Pull Her Head Out Of The Sand And Face The Fifty Year Legacy Of A Family In Turmoil The Reality Of Her Grandmother S Death, Her Mother S Alcoholism, Her Uncle S Covetous Anger, And The Ostriches Whose Lives Are In Her Hands A Story Told With Depth And Beauty About The Many Things We Inherit From Our Families Davila S Characters Are Familiar, Yet Unforgettable, And I M Waiting Patiently For What She Writes Next Way Tu Moore, Author Of She Would Be King

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    I am a Book Blogger at For the Southwest By the Southwest Book Corner I was given a ARC copy to read and review for a fair and honest review.This is the debut book for April I really enjoy reading first books of Authors, it really gives me a glimpse into their soul This was a very good book for a first time Author Why do I give it 5 stars Real simple, when you read this book, you feel emotion of many different kinds But tears I did shed, so that did it for me.Are Ostriches cute NO Do Ostriches have personalities YES Should everyone have one or even 142 of them NO Should everyone live out in the middle of nowhere in the desert NOSo. read this book about a very dysfunctional family living out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, care taking for 142 Ostriches I haven t read anything like it before and it will certainly be a while until I read another one like it You will certainly look at the next ostrich you see a little bit differently How is it that these are almost 300 lb animals, have a VERY small brain but yet, the males help to take care of the nest at night wow don t we have something to learn from these birds

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    142 Ostriches is unlike anything I ve read before Wholly unique, this cinematic novel exposes readers to the relatively unknown industry of ostrich farming In Davila s skillful hands, the desert comes alive and the ostriches are as compelling as the human characters Tallulah herself is a memorable, strong willed protagonist Her struggle to negotiate family obligations with her own desires feels both singular and highly relatable I loved following her through the pages of this fast paced and lovely novel.

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    Quick, easy read Loved the strong female relationships and learning about ostriches

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    This is such a beautiful, original, transporting novel In the last few years, I ve read mostly nonfiction after a childhood spent devouring novels and this book reminded me of why we read novels at all 142 Ostriches takes you on a sympathetic but unflinching journey into a unique and seemingly lonely and desolate existence, only to show you how landscapes shape our lives and how families endure and find ways to love each other even after great loss I picked up the book, planning to read 10 pages, and before I knew it, I was 40 pages in The next night, I read until I d reached page 189, and then this morning, I finished it So, it s that entertaining and that moving I planned to try to stretch it out and make it last, but I finished it in three sittings I cannot wait until April Davila s next book And I can t recommend this book enough I absolutely loved it.

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    Early edition book club read What a wonderful story about the journey of life while running an ostrich ranch Who knew there was such a thing All the feels Fantastic story line, great characters Quick awesome story Now I need to google up Ostriches